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Director MCCE Col. Reinhard Krell(DEU)

Col. Reinhard Krell (DEU)

Director MCCE

The MCCE is a progressive organization, officially established in 2007 to address the recognized shortage of Strategic Lift (air and surface) by providing a multi-national coordinating body to optimize efficiency throughout the full spectrum of movements and transportation In simple terms, the main purpose of the MCCE is to provide cost saving alternatives for member nations by utilizing air,(M&T) land and sea transport assets owned or leased by national militaries of our members or supported agencies..

The MCCE is located on the Eindhoven Military Air Base in The Netherlands, alongside the European Air Transport Command (EATC). On 13 June 2007,
15 Nations signed the MCCE Technical Arrangement (TA): Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Luxembourg, Estonia and Finland signed in the fall of 2007. Poland, Romania and the United States signed in 2008, Austria, Portugal and the Czech Republic in 2010, Croatia in 2011 and Slovakia and Lithuania in 2015. As of now, the MCCE has 27 member nations.


MCCE Mission

AAR Tanker ​​The MCCE Mission is to: Coordinate Participants’ Strategic lift (Air, Sea and Inland Surface Transport) and Air-to-Air Refuelling capabilities with Operational, Exercise and Routine requirements for lift and AAR

in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness through identifying available assets, advertising these assets and then coordinating their use to the maximum extent possible.

Be prepared to provide coordination support to EU or NATO operations.

Be prepared to provide coordinating services to Third Parties if proposed by a Participant.

Sharing, Willingness to cooperate and Visibility of requirements and opportunities are the 3 key elements vital to the success of the MCCE mission.

Worldwide 24/7 operational. Contact info



The MCCE consists of a group of 27 willing nations.

The MCCE Steering Board (SB) is the highest decision making body of the MCCE. This Board decides on MCCE participating issues, set Policy guidance, discuss issues recommended by the MCCE Working Board (WB) and nominates the Director. This Board is supported by the (WB).
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   Contact Information

Flight Forum 1550 Building 551
5657 EZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0)40 206 6005 / 6006
Fax: +31 (0)40 206 6009 / 6008
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Support to NATO


In 2003, the European Airlift Centre (EAC) and Sealift Coordination Centre (SCC) offered their services to NATO in support of operations and exercises.

Through the former NATO Senior Logistics Conference (SNLC), the SCC and the co-located EAC, were invited to enhance working arrangements with the NATO Allied Movement Coordination Centre (AMCC).

On 29th March 2004, the relationship between the EAC, SCC and AMCC was formalized with the signing of a ‘Customer Supplier Arrangement’; this arrangement specifies the responsibilities of both parties during NATO-led operations and – after EAC and SCC were merged to form the MCCE in 2007– this arrangement was renewed in November 2008.

Thus, the MCCE continues and deepens this relationship and retains an observer status in all Movement & Transportation aspects related to NATO Transport Groups and Committees. In more recent times the MCCE has worked closely with the AMCC in the provision of Exercise support and also support to operations by providing the coordinating function for the ISAF Northern Line of Communication under the Latvian Lead Nation Concept, and the Central Line of Communication via Trabzon.


Support to EU


​In October 2003, the European Airlift Centre (EAC) and Sealift Coordination Centre (SCC) offered its services to the EU and is now listed in the Helsinki Force Catalogue.

The MCCE continues this role and will support any EU-led operation in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures between EU Military Staff (EUMS) and MCCE. The EU Movement Planning Cell (EUMPC) will detail the exact level of planning support required. Liaison arrangements between MCCE and EUMPC can be established tailored to the EU-led military operation.

MCCE signed in 2009 Letters of cooperation with EUROCONTROL and European Air Group (EAG).

Since 2007 MCCE entertains formalized relations with ATHENA, the EU mechanisms designed to administer the financing of the common costs of EU operations having military or defence implications.

MCCE also cooperates on different levels such as the exchange of information with EUROCONTROL, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, and more recently supporting EU activities in Africa.